Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

3rd annual analogue hobbies painting challenge is a pretty damn long title :-)

Curt kindly invited me and here I am!

I wouldn't expect to win as I rarely paint "en masse", but I enjoy the remote competition as it really helps me to get a few miniatures done! Huzzah!

With this in mind - witness the horrible disorder that is my ad-hoc painting environment!
Somewhere in there is a fresh Saxon battalion that I paint and intend to sell once it's done.
Have a close look, there's Curts Samurai in front of the bottle-rack.

Then I got sidetracked and started my own Jaegers. Mostly because a certain someone was sending me the new Andrea green-palette and I had to try it since Im a great fan of their black and white palettes.

I'll take myself the freedom to paint one of the Sleigh-masters with some modified miniatures. I hope this one will make it into the competition!
The model too on it's way to the Griffins. And believe it or not, the Ambulance too...

Work starts soon again, and I rather finish the current miniatures in the queue to a pleasant standart than rushing them to score some extra-points. Shame the number of layers of paint applied isn't part of that scoring system ;--)

Thanks Curt for hosting that comp!


  1. Not bad Kawe, not bad at all.

    The Jagers look good as does the sleigh.

    Good luck with the comp.



  2. Beautiful colors on those Jaeger. Best, Dean

  3. I agree: the jagers look very nice!

  4. Thank you, Andrea really changed my ways of painting.

  5. Stick to your quality - its not about the points (those are there just for fun).

    Your Jaegers look lovely by the way.


  6. Wellcome to this really hard competition. You are going to add a new level of quality. The green of the Jägers is fantastic. I´m going to buy them and that Green Colour Set too, sure!!!

  7. Cheers Juan, I'm not joining to win really.

    But yes - those Jaegers are a real Charm.

  8. Best of luck Kawe! Those Jaegers are coming along nicely. I figured some new Vallejo paints would do the trick on mine, but now you've got me curious about Andrea. Now I've got to find where to buy them. :-)

    By the way, I posted a little overview on some of your minis:

  9. Hey Jason,

    Again - Andrea changed my way of painting. Everything I tried was a delight and I can't recommend them enough.

    And wow - Thank you for reviewing them!