Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

News from the front

It's Christmas soon, and I am stressed! Yet I'm forcing myself to keep certain things (amongst them this blog) going.

Now for the news:

1. I've been nominated for the Liebster Award. Thanks to those considering me and  to everybody who enjoys my rather irregular blogging efforts.

I think most of the blogs that I like and read have already received and I think everybody does deserve it more than me, but I really like Lt. Hazels painting orgies, 28mm and sometimes even smaller, Chistophers Bunker Hill, Sadas unique painting and last but not least Helens Tankgirl blog.
Again there's already coming countless others to mind which are as good if not better than the fore-mentioned ones, so please excuse me if you don't find yourself on that elusive list.

2. NR's finished his brilliant Sleigh. He'll make the masters before Christmas and we send the set to Paul to make some frozen Frenchies (or even Poles) to ride that thing.

3. Our friend Bernhard Hennen has sent me these pictures of some heavily modified French Assault Engineers. Really fantastic work!

4. It's now official.  Westfalia will release an extensive range of 1810 Saxons. We hope to release the first sets at the "Hamburg Tactica" in February. The rest will hopefully be available at next years Salute. Just in time for the 200 year celebrations!

5. I managed to send out all orders that have been paid for. Quite some achievement after all the forth and back one's facing at times. Apologies for the wait.

Now back to the painting table. :--)


  1. Congratulations a well deserved award. The sleigh looks exceptional, I shall watch for the Saxons with interest

    1. Thank you Andrew. I'll keep posting about the developments on that front.

  2. Congrats on everything! and good luck!


  3. Congrats Kawe on the nomination. Your blog has been an inspiration for anyone interested in Napoleonics. It certainly has captured my interest.

    I've been reading up on the Saxons as I don't know much about them. Interesting formation and quite pretty uniforms too.

    I assume the Saxon army will be geared towards 1812?

    Thanks for your nice words about my blog. I really don't have the time at the moment to blog as I'm preparing to move inter state and in the country (bush).

    Good luck for 2013 and your miniature adventures with your team of talented folk. I love the miniatures I do have and look forward in painting these at some point next year.



    1. Thank you Helen,

      You're far too kind as I'm neither consistent nor fast enough a Blogger to deserve this nomination.

      The Saxons were certainly a very well performing army. The 2nd biggest in the "Rheinbund". All Line dressed in white with colored facings. Many fancy formations with even a guard in Bearskins.

      And well - my Granny was a real Saxon Girl too. :-)

      Your blog made me buy some miniatures , that happens really not to often and imo speaks for itself.

      And thank you again for your good wishes, we keep things running as much as the day-jobs and families will allow it.

      Looking forward to more posts on your Blog.



  4. Congratulations Kawe, richly deserved Sir and that sledge looks rather tempting!

    1. Thank you Michael, see your bog should've been in the list too, but I suppose yours must've been mentioned for countless times already.

      And thank you for your kind words re Sledge, NR really nails these 28mm vehicles down like no-one else.

  5. You deserve it and that sleigh looks just great! Good luck on you miniatures and thanks for the blog mention!:-)


  6. Well done Kawe well deserved love that Sleigh!

    1. Thank you WIlle, you're jsut another blog owner who I should've entioned. Love your galleries and regular efforts.

      Glad to have you as one of my readers.