Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

New wave of carts

I promise that the next post will contain some painted miniatures again, but this time a few images rather unusual carts for Prussia and France reached me and I meant to share these.

the French Genie cart and crane. Perfect for lifting cannon-barrells and to work beside Pontoniers.

Water-cart from Prussia. Note that the image shows an old attempt from 2007 in 1/72

Prussian baggage Wagon.  Another great entry for our Kolonnentrain-collection.

More pictures over at the Westfalia Miniatures work-bench.

Thank you for having a look,



  1. Splendid Sir, wonderful additions to the collection.

  2. brilliant additions, you are spoiling the 28mm guys, maybe you would like to do these in 18mm? ;0)

    1. Hehe Thank you! There's countless more 28mm carts to be made :--)

      I also doubt there would be a market for such assets in 15/18mm to be honest. But one never knws what the future will bring :--)

  3. Nicely done guys.



    1. Thank you Helen, the Prussian carts really came out off the blue and were a surprise to me!

  4. Ooh, shiny! I can't wait to get to the Kolonnentrain part of my collection (Means most everything else is done. :o) )

    Great additions Kawe! You should really have a link to Westfalia Miniatures somewhere on your blog though. ;-)

    1. Hey Jason,

      Niels was mumbling about many more Train-assets such as a coal-wagon and a field-Forge ... I think he actually aims to rebuild the entire of Europe in 28mm eventually...

      And re the link: I aim to not turn this blog into just another promo-channel. I might actually really stop posting Westfalia news over here. But then again - look at those nifty carts... It's actually EXACTLY what I'd post to this blog even if it wasn't Westfalia, so I think it's all good.


    2. Well, it's your blog... ;-) I guess I understand not having a WM banner in the margin, but it's just nice when referencing more pics of whatever somewhere else, that a link is included.

      I know of a certain 40k IG blogger that started his own mini company, and now all that blog does is promote said mini company... I think it is safe to say that your non-profit venture is very much an extension of your Napoleonic hobby.

      Either way, I enjoy these posts (I'm not on Facebook) for what it's worth. :o)

    3. It's possibly a bit of an understatement.But still better than over-using it imo. Also because I might've founded Westfalia etc, but there's a great many more people being part of it.

      Re Facebook: I found my mobile in a pack of cornflakes, but facebook helps me to track a great many friends.

      With this in mind - glad you enjoy the posts! :--)

  5. Excellent work. The baggage load really looks great. Best, Dean

    1. Thank you Dean,

      I couldn't agree more - it really adds something special to ones armies.