Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Old Glory PT III - Muslim Patrol!

Day job keeps me busy. Disney is on my heels and and and. So still no time to get my beloved Westfalia carts done, but a band of Nezam Zedid which are part of a Painting comission that I've
accepted to accelerate Westfalia a bit. 

These Turkish troops were organized after Western example and lead by foreign officers.

My costumer has send some fancy Austrian 7yw NCO along with his Turks. I was adding some suitable saber incl. Holster from a Westfalia set with exchange parts. Finally I was painting him in the 
same scheme like the Rankers since the appearance of such officers is a mystery and it simply looks good.

8 Kommentare:

  1. They are very splendid , lovely job.

  2. Very nice looking figures - lovely uniforms. Best, Dean

  3. Thank you Gentlemen, those Figurines really are quite nice

  4. Those are brilliant! Who makes the figures. I've always wanted to field a small Ottoman force (for nothing else but the spectacle of it).

  5. Yes indeed, these turned out well. Interesting question, would a foreign officer continue to wear his former uniform or the new one.

    1. Thanks Mike, Your question can't be safely answered, but I am sure that a comissioned European Officer would've kept what he could.

  6. Wonderful looking minis, great work with the red color!