Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012


Dear readers,

The ambulance:
Peter Fitzgerald of Calpe will not only mould and cast that piece, but will add some Train-soldiers and suitable horses too. Everybody who knows the quality of Peters work will understand that I'm really happy that he's aboard. A rough estimate for the release is still several weeks from here, but I'm sure that's for the best.

Westfalia Miniaturen:
This will be the name the ambulance and hopefully many more assets will be published under.
Peter will host it on his web-site much like he does with the "Brigade plates" of Peter Bunde.
That should make it easy for the hobbyists out there to get their hands on what we have to offer.


Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Division von Saher

I finally got around to proceed with the project and I'm happy to present you with the definite start of the "zweite koeniglich saechsische Division" , the 27nd of the Grande Armee.

The Division fought well and it was only possible to evict the Grenadiers from Beeren by attacking them from 3 sides with several Battalions.

First there's the new very visual Ordre de bataille for the Division, then there's a first Battalion of Calpe-Saxons that was painted by the very affordable talented and experienced Mr. Murrow over at the very nice RTB at Large blog. I strongly reccomend the services of this man.