Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Medics - finished

I'm very happy to present you with Niels Rullkoetters and Michael Bartlings latest Creation - the prussian ambulance!

There were only 14 build after the plans were purchased from England in 179something.
Sources state that there were only 3 left after Leipzig, so there's even a small possibility that 1 of them was still around at Ligny/Placenoit.
The sides and roof were build of oilskin canvas that was wrapped around a metal frame.
The roof could be removed in the summer. Painting and words on the side come from Knoetels plate that initially sparked that "preussische Chirurgie" project of mine.

On a side-note: I'll attend Salute this year, and I still have 3 packs from the 2nd and definitley last issue of the doctor-miniatures left. Please drop me a mail to kawe.weissi-zadeh@hotmail(dot)com if you're there and interested!

Some detail of the lovely calpe artillery on the march: