Montag, 18. März 2013

Retreat from Moscow

I still own a set of really old retreat from Moscow Flats from the 30's. I was asking Paul quite a while ago to get started on a Cantiniere on the retreat and he really nailed things down.

What a miniature...

First Wave of Saxons

A few days ago the first Saxons arrived and I'm pleased as a proud owner of a Saxon Granny can be.

Paul did a fabulous job and I was surprised when I was holding them beside my Calpe Saxons as they
seem to be a very good match. 

All Westfalia

Few Calpe mixed in (see black dot)

Note the biggest difference - calpes tend to lean forward and have the right boot forward while Westfalias are pretty straight and have the left boot in front. Also Calpe has very slightly bigger bayonets and deepwe cloth-folds. 

Next is the Grenadiers!

Montag, 4. März 2013

A sudden side-project

We welcome Frank Germershaus as wellreknown former 20mm sculptor.
He will support us with the French Train and we've received the first masters.

Impressive attention to detail and very clean sculpting are Franks trade-marks. 

Crane with crew:

Train-officer with 3 replacement heads and 2 arms - can be used as normal infantry officer too.


These will complement our existing assets nicely and Paul won't get distracted from finishing the great many Saxons ahead of him.