Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Des chiens, dogs und Hunde.

A big part of the hobby to me is digging through illustrations (of whom Michael Bartling seems to have a never ending stream off).

I really always liked the images where dogs accompany uniformed men, or even take action in one way or another. I even bought a Sheppard-set from Foundry just to get my hands on the dog.
I used him with this formation of frenchman.

I soon came to realize that I wanted more dogs on my battlefields and spoke to Michael Bartling about it. We tried to find dog-races that would work in the 7yw too.

You'll see a release of Napoleonic era dogs in the beginning of next year.

Il est gris et triste.

The son exclaimed "he's eating his face!" -  I think it's a touching image.


Again quite touching.

Healthy peasant with his dog.

Wealthy peasant with his dogs.

Well-known picture.  :--)

I love the facial exression of the riding bloke.

A Hunters dog.

I hope you liked the images.

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

On y va Monsieur Kelly

Martin over at BFK 13-14 has started some limited miniature project with the help of Peter Fitzgerald and I recommend to have a look at Martins dedicated project-page.

Good luck with the venture Sir,

Wir verbleiben in der Hoffnung auf viele ungewoehnliche Miniaturen!


P.S. This affair reminds in how Westfalia came to be. :--)

Montag, 19. November 2012

Calpe French Line Battalion

Models for the Connoisseur. Perfect casts, easy to paint. And the rather huge bajonets will never break. About the only thing I've painted lately, and it was worth it.

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

New Projects on the horizon

We're planning a couple of new sets at the moment.

Our next release will be Napoleonic wheel-barrows. Paul already agreed in sculpting the accompanying miniatures and I hope to release them before Christmas.

Barrow Nr. 1:
The smallest ambulance of the Napoleonic wars:
Niels already finished the model:
Barrow Nr. 2:
A most important asset for our growing Genie range:

And Niels Modell:

On a different note: Our French train project is moving forward and we're sure a first set will be ready at the Hamburg Tactica. The prussian Ambulance remains elusive and I hesitate to pusblish it without a suitable soldier or horses. Those who made a pre-order should've received a note of compensation.

And yes, there's another small piece of fun for the spanish theater in the tube, and of course some retreating french-men.


Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

New Release - Kielmannsegges Jaeger.

Now finished and ready for pre-order.
The set of 8 miniatures consists 1 Captain,1 Hornist,1 Scharfschuetze, and 5 Jaeger.
Price is £12.

Detail-pictures below: