Sonntag, 11. November 2012

New Projects on the horizon

We're planning a couple of new sets at the moment.

Our next release will be Napoleonic wheel-barrows. Paul already agreed in sculpting the accompanying miniatures and I hope to release them before Christmas.

Barrow Nr. 1:
The smallest ambulance of the Napoleonic wars:
Niels already finished the model:
Barrow Nr. 2:
A most important asset for our growing Genie range:

And Niels Modell:

On a different note: Our French train project is moving forward and we're sure a first set will be ready at the Hamburg Tactica. The prussian Ambulance remains elusive and I hesitate to pusblish it without a suitable soldier or horses. Those who made a pre-order should've received a note of compensation.

And yes, there's another small piece of fun for the spanish theater in the tube, and of course some retreating french-men.