Montag, 6. August 2012

Westfalia - order status

Sorry for abusing this Hobby-Blog to announce Westfalia - news.

All the parcels with Prussian medics and Highlanders got sorted and will
be posted today. We try and send a confirmation-mail on top off that.

Tomorrow we start packing all the parcels that include the Genie,
please allow for some delay as it really is serious work and we want
to do things right.

Also - I'm still painting!
Will try and post my latest battalion once the basing is done. =)



  1. Thank you Kawe.

    I presume you will notify us when we need to pay for the Genie?

    On a side not is it possible to look at some Pontooniers please.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Hi Helen,

    I think this depends on if the Genie was added to an already existing order. Not sure what your particular status is as the owner of the magic Excel-sheet (that is the pumping heart of Westfalia)is off for her daily running routine.

    I can note it down if you wish and will let you know asap.

    Pontoniers... Wasn't there a very nice set already? Or even more? I think it could definitely be on my list, would need to make sure it's sort off viable tho.

    Will come back to you asap and let you know!

    Thank you,

  3. Thanks Kawe that would be great if you can get back on both subjects.